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About Lauren

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Critical thinker;  Creator;  Problem solver;

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About Me

Hi! Thanks for browsing my website! As you peruse my pages, I hope you get a better understanding of who I am, what I do, and what I stand for. And if you think I could help you in any way, I do hope that you'll reach out. 


I’m Lauren! I’m a communicator and marketer with a passion for writing. I work with brands whose products and services help improve the lives of the people that use them. 


I help brands communicate through marketing. Just as your brand works to give your gift to the world, marketing and communication are my gifts to share.


Whether it’s figuring out who your brand should be talking to, what your brand should be saying, or where your brand should be saying it, I help your brand communicate so your audience listens. 

Once I've created the strategy for how we'll communicate with your audience, I create the content, delivering the message your brand is trying to convey. From blogs to ads and even websites; I understand what your audience is looking for and deliver content they enjoy.

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My Values


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Vulnerability is the strength to be authentic even in the face of uncertainty. It’s a deep commitment to yourself.


Constantly looking to grow and learn more about the self, about others, and about the world. Always working to create a better version while appreciating the growth already made.


Being truthful seems like such a little thing, but can be rather large in importance and in difficulty. Not only being honest to others but being honest with the self.


Just a general desire to do good and put good into the world.

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My Journey

I've always yearned for understanding

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Growing up, I had a hard time communicating. Either no one cared to listen to what I had to say or when they did listen, it didn't seem they truly understood what I was trying to communicate, holistically. Some elements always seemed to get lost in translation. This left me feeling frustrated. So, I went to school to hone my communication skills. My goal was to be better understood by those around me and to better understand them.


Studying communication revealed to me that a basic human desire was to be understood. And that a lack of understanding is not only the cause of confusion and frustration, but it can also lead to trauma. To me, it seemed the only way to improve the world was by teaching good communication skills to the next generation. Which is why I became a high school communication teacher and debate coach.


I taught communication skills

While teaching, I began sharpening my editing skills. Students had to write papers, speeches, and researched arguments, and I had to edit them all for clarity and accuracy. I found I was always asking “But what’s the goal?” A question I find myself continuing to ask clients, writers, and myself alike.


I left teaching after coming to a few realizations, one being that I still had a lot to learn in my communication skills. After teaching, I fell into marketing when I began helping a non-profit farmer’s market with their online presence. That’s when I found my passion: Helping brands better communicate with their audiences.


I continued marketing for companies

I would mainly write blogs, create witty ad concepts + copy, and manage social media. In other words, I was helping these companies communicate to their audiences. But I couldn’t help but feel I wasn’t making an impact like I knew I could. I was working to put money into the pockets of CEOs who didn’t care if their products were improving the lives of their customers.


I realized I could do much more good 

So, in 2019, I began freelancing full-time, working with small businesses looking to better communicate with their audiences, as well as writing, editing, and designing content for various organizations. In my roles now, I’m able to put my critical thinking and goal-oriented mentality into helping virtuous businesses communicate.


I do this work to improve the world

I do this work because I believe in the brands I work with. I work with them because I know they're working to improve the world. I want to help them communicate; I want to help them appeal to the people who can benefit from their services. Because with understanding comes community and with community comes love. 

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