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Client Highlight:

AC Yoga

A Bay-area-based yoga teacher providing asana yoga teachings to those who seek alignment with their body and breath.

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AC Yoga’s goal was to create consistent branding that communicated the brand’s peaceful yet active feel. This would help inform future website updates, social media updates, and print marketing materials.


Because this brand was trying to convey a consistent visual brand that conveyed the exact essence of the brand, research in this case mainly consisted of conversations with AC Yoga’s owner. 


The brand owner and I went through their mission, values, goals, and target audience, so I could obtain a more holistic understanding of the brand. We also discussed the brand’s competition and industry leaders. Finally, we talked about adjectives that described the brand, what they were trying to communicate to their audience, and what they wanted their audience to feel, know, and understand after seeing their brand.

After speaking with AC Yoga’s owner, I understood that the brand was trying to communicate a sense of grounding and growing. AC Yoga’s philosophy was much to that of a tree’s: We must be both grounded, bound to the Earth while continuing to grow towards the sky. Some of the words ACyoga used to describe their brand were peaceful, sturdy, relaxed, introspective, and strong.

Work Done: Visual Identity

Color Palette


The color palette was established early on. Because the brand was focused on natural growth, the color palette needed to reflect that organic feel with earth tones. We leaned more towards the lighter tones rather than darker ones because the colors needed to convey the light, gentleness of the brand. 

Asset 3.png



The brand wanted to communicate a sense of grounded and growing. With a focus on alignment and strength, they wanted a simple logo that conveyed strength as well as gentleness.

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Nexa was the font family chosen. A geometric sans serif, it conveyed the alignment and strength of the brand, but in a somewhat feminine way. 

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Next Steps: Website

The next step is to recreate the rest of the brand's branding materials, starting with the website and eventually moving on to print marketing materials as well.


However, after a recent chat about the brand’s goals—moving from teaching group yoga classes to providing one-on-one alignment classes—it became apparent that the name of the brand may need to be reworked, which would require a new logo. Therefore, no other branding materials have yet been updated. 


Have a look at the visual identity work I did for AC Yoga.

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