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Client Highlight: Cosmic Guidance

an astrologer brand providing astrology readings to those looking to the stars in search of understanding themselves

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Cosmic Guidance had two goals: increase website traffic and increase conversions.


Research took about two weeks. During which, I found that her website received a lot of traffic, but it didn’t get a lot of conversions. 


Goal Research - More site traffic: Through research, I found that most of the website traffic was coming from social media, and the amount of traffic was much higher than initially believed. 

The brand’s main keywords, though easy to rank for, didn’t have high search volumes. The low keyword search volume coupled with the amount of traffic from social media led me to suggest focusing on converting the existing traffic. Later down the line, the brand could work to improve traffic by improving social media presence and implementing social media ads. 

Goal Research - More conversions: Research also showed that most website visitors bounced after becoming lost in the various pages. In essence, there was no clear path for users to take in order to convert. From this, I suggested that the brand improve the site with a fresh redesign and a user-friendly interface with a clear funnel for users. This included removing a lot of the options and pages the brand initially had.

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old version

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new version

old desktop home.jpg

old version

new desktop home.jpg

new version




The previous services page had over 4,000 words. There was no information above the fold, and below the fold were 7 different types of astrology services. Each service required more than a full scroll to read in its entirety.


The brand didn’t have many repeating customers at the time, so most visitors were unique. When they navigated to the brand’s services page, they tended to bounce.


There was a 90% drop-off on this page. It became apparent that the services page needed to be simplified. This was done by grouping the offerings into 3 different services and presenting them all upfront, with as little scroll as possible. 


The services page was also updated to provide more information about the sessions. I also used this opportunity to add a bit of keyword-rich content, since SEO is always on the backburner of my mind.

Product Pages



Product pages were added in the redesign. Product pages allow users to directly book the service they’re interested in. It was essential that each product page provided the user with information on why they should purchase the service, how it would benefit them, and what to expect.  


Product pages also included a Book button to lead users directly to the booking page. This Book page is the same page that users can navigate to directly from the homepage.  


On each of the product pages is information about the service, answering any user questions about why they might want this service and if this service is for them. Additional information (accordion menu) on services and testimonials also moved to this page. This is a scrolling page but Book is located above the fold on desktop devices. There’s also a second Book button after the testimonials.

Work Performed:

Website Redesign

Site Pages


Research showed that leads visited three pages: About, Services, and Book. This meant that the additional pages on the site were unnecessary, and were removed. The only information that was kept was from the testimonials page.

new sitempa jpg.jpg

Homepage Mobile

The previous mobile homepage didn’t allow for site visitors to access two of the three main pages visited: services or about. Leads were then forced to choose from the dropdown menu for navigation.

The new mobile homepage allows for simple navigation between the three main pages, so leads can choose their destination easily and quickly. Because 90% of the brand's leads come from mobile, it was essential to present options immediately.


The previous homepage image was a palm tree at sunset. This imagery alluded to the brand owner’s geographic location, and the colors represented the owner’s vibrant personality. The feeling of the previous image remains intact with the only significant change being the image contents. The content was changed to be more in line with the brand’s industry: astrology.

The Book button on the homepage was essential. Research showed that 50% of the people who clicked on the button converted, so it was imperative to leave this option here for dedicated buyers.

The previous homepage had a scroll component with additional information below the fold. However, less than 1% of visitors used the scroll, and, if they did, they returned to the top of the homepage because the homepage didn’t house the information they were looking for. 


The redesign removed the scroll option, presenting a one-page design for mobile and desktop. This streamlines users to their destination with a single click.

Homepage Desktop

offerings mobile hero.jpg

old version

new services hero.jpg

new version

product new.jpg

Old Site

Gallery: Before/After

New Site

Have a look at the before and after images for Cosmic Guidance's website. 

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