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Client Highlight: Nova Leaf

A pre-launch health and wellness brand focused on the utilization of essential oils and CBD for mind and bodily peace

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This health and wellness brand had yet to launch when they approached me for help with their strategies. They needed their website and social media to communicate the personality of their brand while providing users information on their product and its benefits.

This led to the creation of 4 goals:

  1. Create personas to better understand audiences to market towards

  2. Copywrite website to reflect voice and story that appeals to audiences

  3. Create a social media strategy

  4. Create a blog content strategy


When working with a pre-launch brand there’s no previous content that we can look at to measure user response and engagement. Therefore, research is performed based on external brands the brand in question wishes to emulate. These are typically competitors as well as industry leaders. Additionally, the content strategy is very broad because the content would need to be adjusted based on user response, and it wastes time to create in-depth strategies without proper audience knowledge.


Personas were created for all 5 of Nova Leaf's different audiences. Click through the images to see excerpts from the personas. 

Social Strategy

The type of content to create that would most appeal to personas and convey the brand's personality.

Work Performed


The website copy and product descriptions embodied the luxuriant voice of the brand to get the user to buy.

Content Strategy

The brand needed to establish credibility by first creating well-researched content on the products' ingredients. 

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