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Giving your content the voice it needs

Communicating goal-oriented content and on-brand copy to your audiences

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Content Marketing Services



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Writing well-researched and informative content in a friendly and appealing tone. I give your readers the content they’re looking for, delivered in the voice they want to hear it.

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Writing copy for websites, ads, and emails. I embody your brand’s voice to appeal to your audience and communicate your story to the world.

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Editing blogs, copy, and long-form content to ensure flow, understandability, and best communicate your brand’s message.


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Learn how I can improve your content

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See what others have said about my content marketing services:

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"Ever since Lauren has joined my content team as our editor, I feel like the value and the quality of our content has increased tremendously. She really impressed me when I saw her first edits, and she has not disappointed since! She brings great feedback to our writers, demonstrates knowledge about blog content structure, and is always timely with her projects. She has been an incredible benefit to our team and I couldn’t recommend Lauren more for any and all editing needs. Thank you, Lauren!"

Erin Meck, Head of Content & Operations,

Assisted Reach

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Content Strategy

I do that too!

Content strategy involves understanding the information your target audience is looking to receive and figuring out the best methods for sharing it with them.


Check out my small business page to learn more about my digital strategy services!

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Ready to See How I Can Help You?

Contact me today to see how I can improve your content!

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