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Digital Ads

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Seasonal Ads

These ads were created for, a website that provided STD testing to the public.


Each ad worked to capitalize on the season, so they reflect general concepts and seasonal trends. 



Screenshot 2019-09-06 at 1.16.11 PM.png

Above you can see the results achieved from the seasonal ads for Halloween, Winter Holidays, and Valentine's Day.

The ads were targeting cold audiences as well as retargeting visitors who had not converted. The landing pages were high-converting blog posts. 

The ads resulted in purchases with a high ROAS. Additionally, the projected CPR was $150, with a goal to be below $100. The average CPR for the seasonal ads was $32.98, exceedingly far below the projected CPR.

Location-Based Ads

These ads were created for, a website that provided STD testing to the public.


The ads retargeted website visitors, segmenting them based on location. Only the ten highest-converting cities were targeted. Each city's ad combined witty copy with location-specific attributes.



Above you can see the results of the implemented location-based ads. These ads retargeted audiences in specific locations with location-specific jargon, and they led to a landing page with statistics for the specific city's STD rates.


The CPR was expected to be $150, and most of the ads achieved that goal. The ads were fairly young, none older than 2 months, and a few just barely out of the Learning Phase, so it's projected that they will continue to optimize and improve. The Atlanta ad and the Houston ad weren't performing well when I left the company. In order to help them remedy that, I provided alternative assets for the ads and alternative copy. I also told them that they may have to change the copy of the ads themselves, since they may not be resonating with the target location's audience. 

Some of the locations have multiple ads. This was to utilize Facebook's Ad optimizing tool, which allows you to add multiple assets and content, then Facebook automatically pairs copy with images that perform the best.

Retargeting Ads

These ads were created for, a website that provided STD testing to the public.


The ads retargeted website visitors, promoting the 4 aspects of the brand's service to increase credibility. The 4 aspects were Quickness, Convenience, Ease of Use, and Confiedentiality. 



The ads were created with specific landing pages in mind that capitalized on the specific service they promoted. 


Because the landing pages had yet to be created by the time I ended my professional relationship with the company, I was unable to obtain results information. These ads were to be targeted towards warm audiences, to provide value-boosting information about the company.

Ad Strategy

Asset 50.png

All of the above ads were created as part of an ad strategy for the brand. Click below to see the strategy in detail!

Asset 46.png

Behavior-Specific Ads

These ads were created for, a website that provided lab blood testing to the public.


The ads retargeted website visitors based on the sections of the website they visited. Because the website had over 500 tests, it was necessary to create targeted, behavior-specific ads.



social media Facebook Ads Manager results

Above are the results from HealthLabs retargeting ads. The ads led to landing pages for the specific test they were targeting.


The projected CPR varied, depending on the test targeted, but it was typically around $50. The majority of the CPRs were $50 or under, except for those still in the initial Learning Phase. Additionally, ads were young with none over 2 months old. 

This was the first ad campaign for this brand, and so it was really an experiment to see how retargeted ads would perform before really making a strategy and funneling users down the sales path.


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