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I've created promotional emails with intent to convert, as well as monthly newsletters meant to inform and create a more meaningful brand in the eyes of the audience. 

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This Labor Day Email was created using MailChimp.

Subject: Celebrate Labor Day with HealthLabs! 

CTR: 2%

Revenue: $5,000



Promotional Email:

In addition to the Labor Day email, I've also created a Father's Day email for the same brand through MailChimp.


I've also created industry-specific, monthly newsletters for the following brands:

1. Children's Center.

The monthly newsletter was sent to families of children enrolled at the center. It informed families of the upcoming events, fun recipes, and family-friendly activities. Its goal was to enrich the lives of the families at the center. 

2. Farmer's Market.

The monthly newsletter was sent to past, current, and potential future patrons of the farmer's market. Its goal was to provide market-goers with incentives for visiting the market in the coming month. In the newsletter, it included upcoming activities happening at the market, press that the market had received, coupons to use during the next month, as well as information about fruits and veggies in season and where at the market they could be obtained.

3.  Alternative Learning School

The monthly newsletter was sent out to families and blog subscribers who wanted to learn more about the school, what the founder had been up to, and helpful tips for families to incorporate more of the school's values in their everyday lives. 



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