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ACyoga Branding Strategy

Problem: A local yoga brand was having trouble marketing themselves to get attendees to classes. After an initial assessment of the brand, it was clear that ACyoga had an idea of what their brand was and how they wanted their brand to be perceived by their audience, but it wasn't being communicated through their current branding, website, or social media.

Initial ACyoga Website


To make ACyoga a clear branding strategy to help inform future changes to website, social media, and marketing. To begin the process, ACyoga and I went through their mission, values, goals, and target audience, so I could get a more holistic understanding of the brand.

From there, we discussed their target audience and competition. Finally, we talked about adjectives that described the brand, what they wanted people to feel when they saw their branding, and the ultimate message that they wanted to communicate.

Here are the takeaways from the conversation:

ACyoga is trying to help their audience cultivate grounding and growing. Like a tree, we need to be grounded, bound to the earth, while continuing to stretch and grow towards the sky.

Some of the words ACyoga used to describe their brand were peaceful, sturdy, relaxed, introspective, and strong.

From there, I was able to create a logo with branding guidelines for the brand.

Primary Logo

Branding Guidelines

The next step is to recreate her current branding materials using the style guide provided. However, after a long chat about the brand's goals - moving from teaching classes to more one-on-one alignment, it became apparent that the name, and therefore the logo, would need to be reworked.

Stay tuned for my ACyoga Rebranding blog post.

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