• Lauren Crain

HealthLabs and STDcheck Branding


With new management, it was becoming ever-more important to clearly define what the brand’s personality was and tell the brand’s story in a way that could be communicated to all new and current employees across all parts of the company.


Create a branding presentation to present to current employees to provide uniform information about what branding is, what the brand was, and how each employee contributed to the brand. Overall it was to provide a clear and consistent brand that would be presented across all platforms and interactions.

The first step was to educate an already-established company about what branding is. Because it was never brought up before, employees had no clear idea of what the concept entailed.

Then it was necessary to explain how each division of the company played a part in establishing and maintaining the brand

Once that was established, it was time to get into the brand purpose, identity,

The company had two brands, both of which had an identical business model, but very different branding. Once the branding was established for the first brand, it was necessary to explain the branding for the second brand

For the verbal and visual brand of STDcheck, it was necessary to separate the social brand into Facebook and Twitter.

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