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  • Lauren Crain

HPV Hub Content and UX Strategy


A brand needed a content strategy and UX for their website. The website was to cater to those looking to know more about HPV as well as create a brand community for those whose lives have been affected by HPV. This would need to be accomplished all while trying to lead users to the Product site.


Create a sitemap and site content that supported goals.


First, I created a sitemap that flowed to support the two main objectives of HPV Hub: Provide Information and Create a Community.

HPV Hub Sitemap

Next, I began creating the content for the site using an approachable and colloquial yet knowledgeable voice.

Finally, I worked on the website wireframes which provided the UX designer with insight to a layout that I thought would optimize support of the objectives as well as sell the product.

HPV Hub Homepage Wireframe

The content, sitemap, and wireframes were handed off to a content manager, who now runs the content on the site. A project brief was also included with the documents. The content strategy provided information on the reasoning behind each of the website's sections as well as the information about the kind of content that should be on the site.

Project Brief

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