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  • Lauren Crain

STDcheck and HealthLabs's My Account Redesign


Users complained of an inability to understand their STD test results, located in the My Account section of the site. Results were displayed as a downloadable pdf that came directly from the lab. The PDF contained large chunks of content filled with medical jargon and results that weren't entirely clear to the average user.

What was especially frustrating for users was the "Postive" vs "Negative" result. Given the favorable connotation that Positive has when receiving news, it was confusing for users to understand that a positive STD result was the undesirable result.

The users' frustration began to negatively affect the brand's image (through negative reviews) as well as the brand's profits. Profits were affected when frustrated users would call and the call center would have to explain their results to them instead of selling testing to new users.


Create an interpretation guide that would convey results in layman’s terms as well as provide further, in-depth information on the tests taken and the user's results.

This was to play as a solution to the problem, as well as to align with the brand’s overall goal of being the main informative and empathetic source for online lab testing.


Project Manager and Content Manager


The project started with creating the content that needed to be on the new My Account. Instead of using the verbiage “positive/negative,” I replaced it with “detected/not detected” for STD tests and “normal/abnormal” for general health and wellness tests.

The initial problem mainly pertained to the STD brand, so my team of writers and I created content that provided pertinent information about each of the 11 STDs. Content was made for a detected result as well as a not detected result. The following questions were answered for each STD's page: (1) What is this STD? (2) What does my result mean? (3) Is it Curable? (only for detected) (4) What do I do next?

I made sure each page only contained this information ) narrowed it down to these questions because everyone experiences anxiety when receiving STD results, which makes it most likely that the users would be skimming the page. Providing a clear, question-answer would help ease the user's anxiety and provide quick, digestible information. Included in this content were inbound and outbound links to additional resources, in case the user required more information.

Once the content was created, I created basic wireframes for how the content should be displayed. However, it soon became clear that to support the initial goals of the project, it would need to be expanded to include a redesign of the My Account that housed the content. This would affect the STD brand as well as the General Wellness brand.

From there, I modified the basic wireframe and worked with a designer and team of developers to create a new My Account that could be used for both sites, provided enough informative and empathetic content that made our users feel valued by our brand.

A designer and I user tested the design multiple times with multiple audiences to see if they could intuitively navigate their way through the redesigned My Account.

After 6 months, we finally had a working prototype and it was handed off to the developers.

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