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STDcheck Social Media Strategy

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Problem:, a national brand providing the ability to purchase STD tests online and go to a lab to get tested, had a few problems with their Facebook ads.

1. The ads were outdated and poor quality and they wouldn’t appeal to their younger target audience on social media.

2. The ads dropped the user on the homepage instead of utilizing a landing page to guide the user down the sales funnel.

3. All campaigns were targeting the same users (website visitors) with no segmentation.

The biggest issue I found with the ad structure was that they sold to every user, assuming that every user was ready to buy, however, this wasn't the case. Most of's converted audience were one-time purchasers, and a data analyst discovered that most users did not purchase the first time they landed on the site, but the third or fourth time. Users also converted over a 7 to 30-day window. Therefore, the ad strategy needed to be adjusted.


1. Update ads to relate more to the target audience.

old STDcheck ad

new STDcheck ad

Click here to see the rest of my STDcheck ad updates.

2. Give ads dedicated landing pages that appeal to different audience segments, providing users with the information they need to continue down the sales funnel.

3. Segment retargeting of website visitors and present specific information to specific users.

flow map of segmented users, landing page information, and CTAs

4. Create a strategy for continuing to retarget users throughout the 30-day conversion window period.

This step wasn't completed before I discontinued my professional relationship with the brand.

However, I did create a strategy for garnering cold audiences to be retargeted to with the above campaign, which you can view below:


The only ads that were implemented and saw results on where the seasonal ads (targeting cold audience based off of interests), and location-based retargeting ads. You can see the results below:

seasonal ad performance

location-based retargeting ad performance

The campaigns were designated a success if the CPR was under $198 - the cost of the main test sold on the site.

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